Favorite Service Friday

Favorite Service Friday

Every Friday we will be bringing you info on the best services and products out there! This Friday, we will be highlighting one of my very favorite “shelter in place” services, Fraxel Laser.

  • Fraxel Dual is a NON-ABLATIVE laser, meaning it penetrates through the epidermis to treat the dermal layer without destruction, avoiding blisters or raw skin
  • It has two treatment modes, one that is more superficial for things like sun damage, fine lines, pore reduction, and overall radiance, and one that is deeper for deeper lines, wrinkles, and melasma
  • Typically, I have clients apply a very strong numbing cream and relax with it for about 90 minutes, after which they almost always tell me that the treatment does not hurt at all
  • You should stay out of the sun after Fraxel for a solid week, and always be sun conscious (meaning wear sunscreen and a hat if possible!)
  • “Downtime” after Fraxel is just some mild redness similar to that of a sunburn, and lasts about 4-5 days followed by a gentle peel
  • Dr. J offers two versions of this treatment, one is called the Fraxel Eye Strip, where we are treating only the eye area, and another full face treatment
  • The neck or chest can be added on, most typically for wrinkles or sun damage
  • Dr. J places very small eye shields for this procedure so that she can laser all the way up to the lashes, giving you the most complete treatment possible!

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