Transformation Tuesday

This GORGOEOUS ellevate gal had Dr. J’s signature ellevate Lid Lift and Bag Removal. So what is that you ask?

    • The ellevate Lid Lift is Dr. J’s most known procedure: 30 minutes, in office, local anesthesia only, and only about 5-7 days of bruising/swelling.
    • This involves the removal of excess, heavy skin on the upper eyelids, creating the look of rejuvenation
    • If done correctly, this procedure can give you a natural lift as well as correct any underlying asymmetry.
    • If done INCORRECTLY, this procedure can leave you with uncontrolled dry eye, scarring, or vision changes (….so let’s try to keep it all correct)
    • If you feel like your upper lids look heavy, feel tired, make you look asymmetric or older, get your ellevate Lid Lift consultation today!
    • The ellevate Bag removal treatment is a 90 minutes surgery performed in a surgery center under mild sedation
    • In this procedure, there is no external cut or stitches, ensuring no scarring at all
    • The procedure actually involves the removal of fat from the lower lids, ensuring that this is a permanent fix for your bags, and will not need to be repeated
    • While this procedure has about 10 days of bruising, these results are amazing!
    • If upper lid lift and lower lid bag removals are done together, both can be done in a surgery center under mild sedation with a total recovery of about 10 days
    • If heavy upper lids or bags under your eyes are bothering you, call today!

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