Woman Crush Wednesday: Safa Rahmani, MD MS

Who: safa Rahmani MD MS

What Does She Do: retina surgeon 

Empowerment Advice: trust yourself and embrace your imperfect moments 

Favorite Beauty Services: facials 

Favorite Beauty Products: anything Dior 

Skincare Routine: with two little kids I have time for basics of skincare , a good face wash and a good moisturizer… and sunblock sunblock sunblock 

General Overview of a Typical Day: I go between two hospitals to take care of adult and kids. So I’m always on the go between clinic and surgeries

Favorite Fashion of the Moment: the resurgence of the Fanny pack , this mama loves the convenience and hands free fashion 

Favorite hotspot to chat with other #ellevated women: lounging by the beach with mimosa in hand

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