Women Crush Wednesday

So excited today to highlight the gal that makes all things ellevateMD possible, our Head of Concierge Client Experience, Jenn Donohue!

Who: Jennifer Donohue
What does she do: Head of Concierge Client Experience for ellevateMD
Empowerment advice: Don’t be afraid to fail, some of the best experiences come outside of your comfort zone.
Favorite beauty services: Quarterly preventative Botox
Favorite beauty products: Kate Somerville Gentle Cleanser & Drunk Elephant whipped creme moisturizer
Skincare Routine: AM: Kate Somerville gentle cleanser, Skinceuticals Phloretin, SkinMedica HA5, Skinceuticals Physical SPF. PM Routine: Kate Somerville Gentle Cleanser, SkinMedica HA5, and Drunk Elephant whipped creme moisturizer
General overview of a typical day: Usually starts with a starbucks (Grande iced matcha latte) run on my way to work, then a full day of making graphics, posting on social media, and scheduling appointments for patients at ellevateMD. After work, I try to either go for a bike ride or run around my neighborhood and finish off the day with a few episodes of Grey’s Anatomy.
Favorite fashion of the moment: A statement Gucci belt and a fun fedora for summer!
Favorite hotspot to chat with other #ellevated women: CoffeeBar in Menlo Park
What would you say to the other strong and beautiful women in the #ellevatednetwork: Keep striving to the top, you are all an inspiration to me and I love seeing you #bossbabes killing it in the business world.

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